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Striped Bass Fly Fishing

I am the FIRST and ONLY guide currently in Texas to use and offer lead core trolling striped bass fly fishing trips. This technique was developed years ago on the west coast for finicky striped bass staging in deeper water feeding on shad. This style of fishing involves slow trolling (1.5-3mph) sinking lead core line with a fluorocarbon leader with a medium to large fly attached while hand ''stripping'' the line. This method is extremely finesse and can out fish trolling umbrella rigs on heavy loud down riggers. Not to mention catching these fish on the fly is a blast ! Explosive bites and drag ripping runs on fly tackle is truly special. You can expect to hook into Striped Bass, White Bass, and Hybrid Striped bass. I recommend 1-3 anglers for this style of fish to be the most effective. Currently I have had the best success for clients using this on lake buchanan and inks lake due to the sheer volume of fish in either body of water but I am experimenting on other lakes to offer a variety of trips. Also I offer combo trips where we can use a variety of techniques in addition to fly fishing such as live bait, topwater, etc. If you are just visiting Austin or a lifelong angler looking to try something new I run a very unique and versatile guide service that caters to all anglers of any skill level. Feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions you may have. 

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