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Lakes Offered For Trips

Below is a list of lakes that I guide on specifically. Each lake holds great volumes of fish but what can differ between all of them is that some offer different species, different sizes of fish, different sceneries, and some lakes fish better at certain times of the year. I will always recommend what lake is fishing the best based on conditions to make for the best trip possible. Also please keep in mind that if you'd like to fish a different lake than what is on the list please give me a call and we can arrange a custom trip for you.


Lake Buchanan 

Buchanan is a 22,000 acre lake that holds large populations of Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, White Bass, and Largemouth Bass. Thanks to big stocking efforts by TPWD and other organizations this lake is rated one of the best lakes in Texas for Striped Bass and White Bass. I guide a vast majority of my trips on buchanan due to the sheer volume of fish and many different fishing options. 

Inks Lake


Inks lake is 830 acres located just below Buchanan. Inks can put out good Largemouth Bass, White Bass, and Striped Bass fishing. The scenery is absolutely beautiful as well. There is a lot of grass and docks in this lake which is great for Largemouth Bass Fishing. Another great feature of Inks is that it is narrow enough that even on very windy days it is protected. 

Lake LBJ


Lake LBJ is 6,500 acres of scenic water ways, restaurants, multi million dollar houses, and filled full of fish. Largemouth Bass and White Bass are present in big numbers. LBJ has a lot to offer and I always enjoy guiding there in the spring. 

Lake Georgetown 


Lake Georgetown is 1,300 acres and contains Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, and one is of the few hill country lakes to hold Smallmouth Bass. There are moments where fishing is good to fantastic here especially in the spring and fall. I even guided a client to catch the Lake Record Hybrid Striped Bass here weighing 10.5 pounds. Largemouth and White Bass are the main targets when I guide on this lake.

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