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August 2023 Lake Buchanan Fishing Report

Fishing in the month of august brought the best striped bass and hybrid bite of the entire year! We had 30 consecutive trips in a row for limits of stripers and hybrids for all groups of 2-6 people. In Texas you can legally keep 5 hybrids/stripers in combination over 18 inches. The key to our success is live shad presented on either fly line or Carolina rig setups. A majority of the trips they would eat weighted baits no problem but sometimes when the fish got picky we would switch over to flyline and have great success. Everyday is different these fish move and change what presentations they want and being open minded and adapting to changing conditions turns slow trips into great ones. We also caught a ton of 30 plus in stripers. Some trips everyone on the boat was able to land these fish of a lifetime. Gizzard shad have been our bait of choice in the 3-6in range this has been working best to target not only bigger fish but not get as many white bass. Even with air temps from 101-105 degrees everyday this has done nothing to hamper our bite. The mornings are a pleasant 80-83 degrees and also provide the best fishing. I haven't been offering afternoon trips because the bite is only consistent in the mornings I will switch back over to offering afternoons when temps cool off going into fall. One thing I want to mention is that with these summertime temps the water temps are in the upper 80's. We have been catching these fish near the bottom 25-35ft down where the water temp is significantly lower. When you bring these stripers up from cold water to hot water it shocks them and release survival rates come with a high mortality rate. Thus we must keep every legal size fish we catch and stop fishing once limits are reached. Lake Buchanan is one of the top striper fisheries in Texas and its our responsibility to keep it that way! I expect the bite to continue all the way into fall so book your trip before all the dates are sold out. Here are some pics of the great fishing in august.

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