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2023 March Central Texas Fishing Report

Things are happening here in central Texas right now ! Thanks to an early warming trend of some hot air temps leading to a bigger spike in fishing. Largemouth are moving up shallow to spawn and there has been plenty of opportunity in certain lakes to get in some sight fishing. White bass are running up rivers and tributaries for their spawn. We are still seeing plenty of fish out deep and sometimes those fish are more willing to feed. When we get on a good school that wants to bite often times we are catching them two at a time with the whole boat hooked up at once. This is THE BEST time of year to be on the water and catch fish. I am unlike any other guide service in that I use many different techniques and target multiple species of fish in a short 4 or 6 hour trip. I am just as comfortable fishing largemouth bass up shallow as I am fishing white bass and striped bass out deep. The ability to switch between the two different styles of fishing in the matter of moments when a pattern isn't working or someone wants to simply get a variety of fish sets me apart. Trips are booking at record speed and half of march and April are already booked up. If you'd like to get in on the action I recommend booking ahead of time to get the date you want. I specialize in taking anyone from novices to experienced fisherman. I take a lot of families and new fisherman and I make it very easy to catch fish for you with all top of the line equipment, sonar, and tackle. Give me a call or text at 512-927-9500 and I look forward to taking you fishing this spring!

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