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Mid January Fishing Report

We have continued to have very good trips on Lake Buchanan this past weekend. This time of year fish are inhabiting deeper waters and are in large schools. Most of these large schools I would say consist of 80-90% white bass and the remainder are hybrid and striped bass. The white bass are very aggressive and bite well while it can be tough to get through them there are tactics that we use to catch the larger striped bass. In the winter time these fish love a ''thumper''. I could write a whole article explaining what a thumper is but for the sake of the report just look up fish thumper on YouTube there's plenty of videos about them but they are a very good tool to have and its been working very well at attracting hundreds of fish under the boat. We have been using jigging spoons, swimbaits both large and small, and live bait to put fish in the boat recently. With no one technique being the "golden ticket". Employing all techniques at various times when others aren't working has been the key to success at getting the most bites. Also something worth mentioning is that while we've had some really good warm weather here with daytime temps in the mid 80's typically here in central Texas it could be 30 degrees in the morning and 60-70 degrees in the afternoon much more pleasant for clients and myself! And the fish bite in the afternoon just as good as in the morning. Actually I've been starting my trips later at 8-9am instead of the normal 7 am because fishing has been better mid day and afternoon. So don't be afraid to book an afternoon trip and enjoy warmer air temps. Before my weekend trips I came out to buchanan to look at some areas and see where the fish were holding along with catch some live shad. Every area I stopped on was holding holding fish so I went to catch bait. Sometimes its very easy to catch bait but this time was 1-5 shad for every throw but the shad were perfect size 3-6in gizzard shad. Which is the candy bait for the hybrid and striped bass. I was able to catch about 4 dozen or so baits which I am able to store at home ahead of time so my trips can have live shad on board. Every trip recently has been very similar in results consisting of plenty of white bass and lots of barely short sized hybrids and stripers. In Texas a striped bass or hybrid must be 18 inches to keep and we've been catching a ridiculous amount of 16-17.5 inch fish. They are fun to fight, take pictures with and are released to fight another day. Texas and the Lake Buchanan conservation corporation do a fantastic job of stocking buchanan full of these fish. A majority of the stripers have been coming via the larger gizzard shad which weeds through the white bass and allow us to be able to hook these fish. Trips have been yielding anywhere from 40-100 plus fish a trip. All my trips include fish cleaning and ice if you like to take fish home or if that isn't your style we can catch and release also. I expect fishing to continue to be good rolling right into spring. Also its never too early to put a deposit down on a prime date from now through June emphasis on march through June when the weather and fishing are at its peak. Give me a call or text and id be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and I look forward to taking you fishing.

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